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List of Typical Completed CQA Jobs 

1. Development of a Catheter Manufacturing (Heating) Process for a Medical Device Manufacturer
We performed a thermal analysis of a heating apparatus used in a catheter manufacturing process.

2. Development of Sieving Processes for Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturer
We developed automated processes for sorting silicon beads by size in order to replace the hand-sieving methods currently in use.

3. Heat Transfer Analysis of IRT Heat Exchanger Replacement 
The objective of this study was to independently evaluate the IRT heat exchanger design to determine the validity of the stated heat transfer performance

4. Cryogenic Optical Bench Analysis 
We developed a (SINDA) thermal model that represented a single “slice” of a lightweight (egg-crate structure), all-aluminum, 144” x 152” optical bench. The steady-state thermal model included conduction and radiation between all interconnecting nodes of the system. Bench and components attached to bench were cooled to 85 K (-306 °F). Working fluid was gaseous N2 (GN2).

5. Platen transient thermal analysis
A simple 5-node SINDA transient thermal model of the platen was generated to calculate the platen cool-down rate. The specified requirement was cool-down of the platen from 310K to 250K within two hours. An implicit design constraint included the control of platen temperature gradients and thermally induced platen stress levels to levels below their maximum allowable levels throughout the transient cool-down period with a linear one-hour ramp-down of fluid temperature from 308K to 228K. 

6. Thermal-mechanical design of temperature controlled radiator panel (plate) system
Designed for use in a high vacuum environment. We designed an array of 7 large ( 6 ft by 6 ft) panels with operating temperatures independently controllable between 80 °F and -250 °F. Plates had a uniformly distributed (radiant) heat load of 1000 W, while maintaining a spatial uniformity of temperature of less than 7 °F peak-to-peak. The plates were cooled with GN2 gas with an inlet temperature of -309 °F and a flow rate of 80 CFM per panel.

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