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Joseph M. Colarusso. B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Joe is a mechanical engineer with over 40 years of experience in solving complex heat transfer problems. His accomplishments include applying his knowledge and expertise to:
· Thermal architecture of the HES instrument for GOES R satellite. This included generation of integrated numerical models to evaluate HES thermal and thermo-optical performance under geo-synchronous orbit environment.
· Thermal control sub-systems for optics, dewars, and focal plane assemblies, using active cryogenic coolers and passive thermal radiators.
· Thermal analysis and design of electronic cooling systems using advanced thermal management techniques to handle high flux density of dies. These techniques included thermoloop heat-pipe technology, as well as single phase liquid cooled micro-channel heat-exchangers attached directly to the dies. 
· Complex thermal analytic models of high-energy laser systems that are cryogenically cooled with saturated liquid nitrogen and use advanced heat-spreader technologies
· Complex thermal-mechanical and thermo-fluid systems for cooling high-power radar and communication systems.
· Thermal management of liquid crystal display systems (LCDs).

Joe’s experience includes teaching a heat transfer course for students in a BSMET program. He is familiar with numerous software applications including Thermal Desktop, Algor FEA software, ANSYS FEA software, SINDA thermal analysis software, macroFlow thermo-fluid software, and Coldplate.

James R. Qualey III. B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Physics
Jim is an hands-on electro-optical systems engineer and scientist with extensive experience in electro-optical systems, sensor research and development, spectroscopy, laboratory and field-based testing, data collection, data analysis, requirements analysis, new product development, technical communication, and program management. His professional activities include:
· Analyzing and modeling existing and proposed sensor systems using NVThermIP, SSCAMIP, Mathcad, MATLAB, and Excel. Work included evaluating imaging, radiometric, and pointing accuracy aspects of sensor system performance.
· Conducting R&D on active, lightweighted mirrors for aerospace applications including space-based systems and astronomical systems.
· Conducting applied research on sensor concepts and methods for fire protection, yielding two U.S. patents.
· Developing, fabricating, and testing a mid-IR spectroscopy-based fuel analyzer.
· Generating the system concept and optical design for a laser-based electro-optical module and managing the team of mechanical, structural, thermal, electrical, optical, controls, and software engineers which designed, fabricated, and installed the module at the customer site

Jim’s background includes extensive experience in new product development, technical communication, and program management.
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